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Chinese porcelain dish. Kangxi-Yongzheng, 18th century, circa 1720-25. Decorated with the enamels of the Rose Family, in the centre of which is a coat of arms surmounted by a crown and a canopy and framed by terms and a rocaille console in a medallion with a double blue circle, the wing decorated with a frieze of mantling and branches, fillets on the edge, gills, small wears.
D: 26,5 cm
The coat of arms is given to the family Ataide, from Portugal, or Marini, from Italy.
A current consensus would give them to the Ataide family, and to a service produced for D. Luis Peregrino de Ataide (1700-1755), 10th Count of
Atouguia, adviser to King John V of Portugal. He married
Clara de Assis Mascarhenas in 1720. Governor of Portimao, he was appointed 6th Viceroy of Brazil.
For another similar plate, see by Pinto de Matos, The RA Collection of Chinese Ceramics: A Collector's Vision, 2011, p. 53, no. 421.

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