Lot 40

Chinese porcelain plate. Qianlong, 18th century, circa 1740-45. Decorated with the enamels of the Rose Family, in the centre of a coat of arms, surmounted by a crown and standing out on a floral background sopra bianco in a medallion formed by a frieze of ironwork, the wing with a frieze in grisaille and gold, in the style of Du Paquier, with rocaille motifs with peacocks, grey, gold and brown fillets on the rim, gills, small wears.
D: 23 cm
The arms are those of the families van Shoonhoven, Rotterdam and Leiden, and Geraerds, Haarlem.
This service was commissioned in the 1740s by Thimon IV van Schoonhoven (1710-1766) and his wife Elisabeth Geraerds (1720-1751) who married in Leiden on 17 March 1739. Thimon I's grandfather was a merchant from Amsterdam who had settled in Nantes in the middle of the 17th century; his son Thimon II had returned to the Netherlands and settled in Rotterdam.
Thimon III developed many financial activities and in 1760 became director of the Amsterdam Chamber of the
VOC and inherited the title of nobleman of De Venir Manor.
For other pieces of this service, see by Dr J. Kroes, Chinese Armorial
Porcelain For the Dutch Market: Chinese Porcelain with Coats of
Arms of Dutch Families, The Hague, 2007, p. 303, no. 218; and the sale at
Christie's, New York, The Collector, 18 October 2017, lot 852.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris