Lot 41

Chinese porcelain plate. Yongzheng (1723-35),
18th century, circa 1735. With Rose Family
enamels decoration, in the centre a fly standing out on a sopra bianco background in a reserve formed of peacock feathers and butterfly wings, the fall with turquoise blue braid of interlacing, the wing decorated with four reserves with crowned coat of arms or monograms standing out on a pink trellis background, gold fillet on the rim, small restored gilding on the rim, small wears.
D: 23 cm
The coat of arms would be that of the family of Grimaldi di Castro, Genoa (although the enamels are not entirely accurate).
Another design is illustrated by David S. Howard, The choice of the private trader, The Private Market in Chinese Export Porcelain illustrated from the Hodroff collection, Italy, 1994, p. 77. In this publication, it is assumed that this service could have been created for Honoré III who ruled the principality for about sixty years from 1733.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris