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Chinese porcelain dish. Yongzheng-Qianlong, 18th century. Decorated with the enamels of the Rose Family, in the centre a coat of arms surmounted by a helmet and framed by two lions holding pennants in a medallion formed by a frieze of wrought iron, the fall of four reserves of flowers standing out against a background of pink trellis, the wing with gold and silver decoration of knotted flowering branches and vases of flowers interspersed, grey and gold fillets on the rim, gilding at the heel.
D: 39 cm
Provenance: The coat of arms is that of the de Knyff family, originally from Holland and settled in Flanders.
For another dish preserved in the collections of the Royal Museums of Art and History of Brussels, see by Henry Maertens de Noordhout, Porcelaines chinoises décorées d'Armoiries belges, Brussels, 1997, pp. 100 and 101.
Note that in this family, Jacobus-Gerardus de Knyff, Mayor
of Antwerp (Antwerp 1681-1762), was made a Knight of the Holy Roman
Empire by Emperor Charles VI but after the death of his wife in 1724 he retired and became a canon of the Cathedral.

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France - 75009 Paris