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Chinese porcelain dish. Qianlong, 18th century, circa 1745.
Decorated with the enamels of the Rose Family, in the centre of a coat of arms surmounted by a marquis's crown and supported by two white horses, on a console formed of arabesques in a medallion of ironwork, the wing with a frieze of shells and gold palms, brown fillet on the rim, small wears.
D: 38 cm
The coat of arms is that of the van Beeftingh family of Rotterdam.
Frans Van Beeftingh (1713-1791) worked for the VOC in Batavia. In 1747 he became captain of Batavia Castle and returned to Amsterdam in 1751 where he married Elisabeth Sautijin (1726-1783); his brother was the extraordinary adviser to the Indies. This dish comes from a service of which only about 13 plates and 4 shaped pieces would have survived the bombing of Rotterdam during the Second World War.
For another plate, see the collections of the Rijskmuseum in Amsterdam (Inv. AK-NM-12329), and for a commentary on this service, see by
Jochem Kroes, Chinese armorial porcelain for the Dutch market: Chinese porcelain with coats of arms of Dutch families, The Hague, 2007, p. 315, no. 363.

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