Lot 412

Earthenware dish from Moustiers (Clérissy) from the beginning of the
18th century. Of oblong shape with protrusions, with blue monochrome decoration in the center of a coat of arms supported by mermaids and crowned with a helmet, the wing with a large braid of flowers in cartouches and stylized flowers interspersed, small cracks and chips.
L: 44 cm

Provenance: The coat of arms is that of the family of
Tolozan (or Tholozany or Tholosani).
This family, with settlements in Languedoc, Lyonnais and Lorraine, included many Capitouls of the city of Toulouse from 1630 to 1667.
A plate of this service was sold by Me Malval,
Lisle-Adam, 24 June 2020, lot 3; another simpler model with a variant in the coat of arms, in blue and white, was also produced in Montpellier.

Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris