Lot 130

Ich Dien by Léon Nosbusch (1897-1979)
Luxembourg painter and sculptor, member of the CAL
Hand painted and decorated earthenware dish from the cantons of Luxembourg.
Signed and dated 58 below.
20th century period
Dimensions: D: 42 cm

Léon Nosbusch studied at the craftsmen's school in Luxembourg and then graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Loving the work of the material, he managed to become director of a porcelain factory in Brussels without abandoning his personal creation. In 1929, he was awarded the Grand Duke Adolphe prize, which enabled him to become well known in his country. In 1937, during the Universal Exhibition in Paris, he was entrusted with the creation of the sculptural works for the Panoramic View of the City of Luxembourg on the main façade of the Luxembourg pavilion. He ended his career by finally settling in his native country as an independent artist.