Lot 144

Mask "Kidumu" Teke
The Teke-Tsaye in northwestern Congo had a male secret society known as the "Kidumu". It was in charge of all the important events of village life: initiations, weddings and funerals. At the end of the above-mentioned rituals, only one "Kidumu dancer" always played with this flat disc-shaped mask. The current "Kidumu" mask, made of light wood, is dark brown and coloured white with kaolin. It has the typical structure of this type of mask: almost round, divided in two in the middle. In this diagonal groove are the slits for the dancer's eyes. The face of the mask is executed in relief: with a short and wide nose, large "eyes" accentuated in white, a small round mouth underneath and a stylized half-silhouette with the arms raised and a piece of animal skin applied in the upper part. Eight white semicircles and holes used for the attachment of a mask costume are located along the outer edge: those above for a crown of bird feathers, those below for a short vegetal fibre hanging. All in all an old piece with an excellent patina of use (see the fixing eyelets!), especially on the back (the fabric supports for the dancer are still present!).
In very good condition, only minor damage due to age.
Period: First third of the XXth century; Dimensions: H: 32; L: 31 cm.