Lot 148

Pair of shepherdesses Transition model of SENE
In natural wood, with cabriolet backrest, with curved armrests, resting on tapered fluted rudent legs. Upholstery in fabric with hot-air balloon motifs.
Restorations of use and maintenance.
18th century period.
Dimensions: H: 92; W: 69; D: 76 cm.

Claude I Sené, son of Jean Sené, cabinetmaker received Master in 1743.
Having married a sister of the carpenter Jean-Etienne Saint-Georges, he settled with his brother-in-law in rue de Cléry under the name "du Grand Saint-Georges". Although working in the same workshop, the two men each signed their own works.
Claude I Sené left very beautiful Louis XV seats, comfortable and elegant, often mounted on a frame, as well as a magnificent Louis XVI sofa for confidents with a backrest made up of three medallions "sculpted with crowns of roses, olive branches, laurel torus, heart-rushes and acanthus leaves". Claude Sené will cease to practice his profession in 1780.

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