Lot 9

[CARACCIOLI Louis-Antoine, Marquis of] The book in fashion. À Verte-feuille [Liège] de l'imprimerie du Printems [sic], au Perroquet [Bassompierre] l'année nouvelle [1759] In-12 : xxii-86 pp. (author and date restored in pencil to the title, 19th c. annotations in pencil to the inf. white guards). Marbled calf, triple gilt fillet around the plates, gilt floral spine with nerves, red leather title piece, red tr. (split jaws on 1 cm at the head, pet. rubbing on the jaws, back and corners). Edition in in-12 format published the same year as the original in-8° format (xx-79 pp.) of this bibliophilic curiosity, entirely printed in green. Didier Travier has identified at least 2 issues of this in-12 edition with a variant to the first words on page 86, one beginning with "each page", the other - like our ex. - beginning with "flexions, on imagined". By the Marquis de Caraccioli (1719-1803), prolific author of books published under anonymous or pseudonymous names, some of them printed in colour. According to the author in his preface: "Printing must resemble binding; & what is the fashionable binding? Every book now has its gold edge, or at least marbled, & the cover has no other colour to pretend than red, green or blue". Liège printing (and not Parisian as Weller and Barbier claim): on the title is vignette 367 from the Môriane database (Walloon Society for the Study of the 18th Century). Bound with, same author and format: Le Livre à la mode. New edition, inlaid, polished & varnished. En Europe, chez les libraires, 100070059 [1759]. xxxviii-88 pp. Reissued in 1760 ("100070060") in two formats, in-8° and in-12. Printed in vermilion, to invigorate the complexion of the "steam ladies" to whom it is dedicated. De Theux Ref. 582. - Conlon 59:632 (ed. in-8°). - www.swedhs.org/moriane. - Didier Travier, "Louis-Antoine Caraccioli ou Les amusements typographiques d'un moraliste mondain", in: L'écrivain et l'imprimeur, s.dir. Alain Riffaud, Frédéric Barbier, pp. 175-192 (especially p. 176, note 6). Prov. L. Guars, 1860 (mention ms.).