Lot 13

COLLINS, Charles An abridged history of the private life and virtues of Her Royal Highness Elizabeth-Charlotte d'Orléans, granddaughter of France, Duchess of Lorraine & Bar [...]. Nancy heirs of N. Baltazard 1762 In-8° : xxii-[10]-206-[2] pp. (qs pics). Red maroq. of the spine, dishes decorated with a gilt lace consisting of a floral roll and a heraldic iron fart. and repeated fleur-de-lys fart. repeated, back gilt fleur-de-lys with nerves, same heraldic iron surrounded by six fleurs-de-lis on the entenerfs, gilt roll on the hunts, gilt tr. (markings on the dishes). Beautiful ex. Rare and only known original edition of this biography of the wife of Duke Leopold, mother of the future Emperor Francis I, husband of Maria Theresa of Austria, and of the future Governor General of the Netherlands Charles-Alexander. Nice binding with the arms. Ref. CCFr. - Not in Brunet, Conlon. Prov. Charles-Alexandre de Lorraine (1712-1780), governor general of the Austrian Netherlands (heraldic iron; Olivier 48, No. 3 iron).