Lot 23

Cute strings for N.S. M. DCC leap year. LXXII. [...]. Liège Dessain [1771] In-12: n.p., interleaved. Red edition marker, gilt fillet and gilt scroll surrounding the plates, gilt oval medallion in the center, smooth mute spine decorated with a gilt scroll along the length, simulating small compartments decorated with a fleur-de-lys, gilt tr. (rubbed, spine and corners restored). Edition published during a vacancy in the episcopal see of the principality of Liège, between 22 October 1771, date of the death of Charles-Nicolas d'Oultremont, prince-bishop since 1763, and the election of his successor François-Charles de Velbrück on 16 January 1772. A circular medallion with the effigy of Saint Lambert, in bust, mitred and in profile to the right, with the words "sede vacante" ("the seat being vacant"), adorns the main title and that of the "Lists of the composers of the sixteen chambers of the noble city of Liège", which follows and which was also sold separately. The same emblem, oval and with Saint Lambert in profile on the left, adorns the edition binding. Full-page woodcut coin figures. Annotations by two different hands, one dated 1772, the other 1794. De Theux ref. 491. - Brassinne II:CXLII (same edition, same binding). - Sorgeloos, Four centuries of bookbinding in Belgium, II:87 (idem). Seal, same format: 1. Vade mecum piorum sacerdotum, sive Exercitia, et preces matutinae, vespertinae, ante, et post missam [...]. Einsiedeln, Franz Xaver Kälin, 1778. 2]-350 (i.e. 250)-56-[8] pp. (err. de pagin.: 200-350 instead of 100-250). Marbled calf on the spine, filleting, cold rolling and spandrels on the plates, dumb back with nerves decorated with cold fillets, gilt tr. (worm work on the back, missing upper headdress, bare corners). Marbled calf case with cold fillets (lower part restored). 11th revised and enlarged edition of this devotional work in pocket format, 1 frontispiece, 2 full-page figures, culs-de-lampe. Title and text in red and black. Prov. D. Dewandre (?) (mention ms.) -- 2. Lovenschen almanach oft Tydt-verkonder voor het jaer ons Heere Jesu-Christi 1773. Gecalculeert op den horizond van Brabant en d'omliggende plaetsen, door J.B. Nostradamus. Leuven, Joannes Jacob, [1772]. N.p., interleaved (burnished paper, interleaved ff. torn except one, tears in the first ff.). Marbled paper binding of the ep. (gaps on the back). Title framed and decorated with a wood vignette, headbands with descriptions of an eclipse and calendar months. Ref Meulemans XI. - STCV 7043856. (3 vols.)