Lot 24

[FREDERIC II, King of Prussia] Memoirs to serve the history of Brandenburg. First [- fourth] part. In a masterly way. Printed to the satisfaction of the public [Berlin] s.n. 1758 4 volumes in 1 vol. in-8°: [10]-48, [2]-50, [2]-85, [2]-62 pp.; 4 h.-t. (rare russet). Basane marbled on the spine, smooth spine with golden flowers, red tr. (missing title piece, missing fart. on a cap, missing epidermis, blunt corners). Edition without privilege ill. of 4 frontisp. (portraits) h.t., 4 title vignettes and 1 headband (depicting a portrait) gr. on copper, without counting headbands and numerous lamp butts on wood. The work was first published in parts by the Royal Academy of Sciences and Letters of Berlin in 1746, then in a separate edition in 1751. Probably one of the forgeries that, according to Colson, appeared quickly and spread widely. Ref Barber III:239 and 235 (other editions). - Brunet II:1386 (ed. 1751). - Colson, Bruno - The Art of War: From Machiavelli to Clausewitz. Namur, 1999, p. 179 (ed. 1750). Bound with a supplement published the same year: [Id.] - Collection of some other pieces by the author of the Memoirs of Brandenburg. S.l., s.n., 1758. 52 pp. Headbands, lettering and culs-de-lampes on wood.