Lot 34

LESNÉ, Mathurin-Marie La reliure, didactic poem in six songs; preceded by an analytical idea of this art, followed by historical and critical notes [...]. Paris Lesné et Nepveu (de l'imprimerie de Gillé) 1820 In-8° : [6]-246 pp. (burnished leg. paper). Green calf signed Lesné, gold filets and cold rolled around the plates, gilt floral back with nerves, red leather title piece, marbled tr. (pet. epidermures on the bit, headdresses and corners). Original edition published at the author's expense. Lesné senior (1777-1841) did not remain in the annals as the greatest French bookbinder but for his dithyrambic poem on bookbinding which remains an interesting source for the history and practice of this art in France in the 1st quarter of the XIXth c. The book is indeed intended to be didactic, as shown by the long explanatory notes and the "Memorandum on the means of improvement likely to delay the renewal of bookbinding for several centuries", which follow. e.g. bearing the autogr. signature of the author-publisher authenticating the edition. Ref. Béraldi I:70. - Thoinan, Ernest - Les reliieurs français (1500-1800). P., 1893, p. 339 ("the reading of his poem [...] is sometimes useful, instructive, interesting and, moreover, very amusing"). Prov. "Monsieur Veissier" (author's autogr. submission to the forgery).