Lot 199

BÉALU, Marcel I love you to love you. Compositions, engravings and prints by Robert Blanchet. Boulogne-sur-Seine Robert Blanchet spring 1987) In-8°. Powdered pink box marbled tone on tone signed C[olette] & J[ean]-P[aul] Miguet 1994, dishes with inclusions of white leather embossed with a "lace" pattern placed in hollowed out black reserves around which the title is stamped in gold in curved lines, two vertical golden fillets enclosing the dishes, beige velvet skin lining set with a grey and pink calfskin listel, matching velvet skin guards, cover. burgundy with printed grey lace and cons. back. Under shirt with small flaps in a powdered pink half-box, wooden dishes, lined with beige felt. Under edged case and assorted dishes. Original edition of these poems, "composed by hand" and illustrated with 8 coloured lace compositions, some with relief printing, by Robert Blanchet (1925-1997) author, editor and typographer-editor. Edition of 200 copies on Richard de Bas handmade paper, a 155 current put on the market (n° 34 signed by the author and artist). Aut. s. consignment from Béalu, illustrated with a black ink drawing : "For Marianne Delvaulx/ homage from Marcel Béalu/ Sept. 89". Binding in resonance with the cover of the book, made by the Miguet family, active between 1951 and 1981 and among the greatest bookbinders of the second half of the 20th century. "Their productions range from the purest classic to the most modern original creation, without ever falling into object-binding, which for them is a heresy. ...] As staunch defenders of high quality bookbinding in the service of the book, these two craftsmen profess that the bookbinder must never betray the author in the design of a set, nor, possibly, the illustrator, but must define the graphics and colours that will best interpret them, and this, in a perfection of execution" (Julien Fléty, Dictionnaire des reliieurs français, 1988). "Les Miguet only accept to bind the book they "feel", with a particular predilection for the surrealist movement" (Wittock, pref. at the 1994 exhibition). The sale of their library in May 2005 (Paris, Renaud-Giquello, expert Loliée, no. 13) reveals an ex. (of head) with an identical binding. In 1994, the Bibliotheca Wittockiana in Brussels devoted a retrospective exhibition to them. Expo Colette and Jean-Paul Miguet. 99... bindings. Paris, Technorama; Brussels, Bibliotheca Wittockiana, 1994, No. 20 with reproductions (catalogue attached, with aut. s. dispatch from the bookbinders, Brussels. Sept. 16, 1994: "For Marianne Delvaulx who knows so well how to defend the cause of the beautiful binding, our friendly souvenir).