Lot 298

MICHAUX, Henri Ecuador. Travel diary. Paris Nouvelle Revue Française, nrf (2 July) 1929 In-4° tellière. Slate blue box signed Liliane Gérard (gilding by Anne Thimmesch), dishes decorated with large abstract geometrical compositions in navy blue cold-set box, smooth spine titled lengthwise on dry, linings and endpapers of the same navy blue box, double Kromekote paper endpapers painted with slate blue, light and dark grey compartments surrounded by light brown lines, gold edges on witnesses, cover and back cons. Slate-blue half-calf shirt with stripes and small flaps lined with ash-brown velvet skin, flats of the same Kromekote paper; signed bordered slipcase covered with the same Kromekote paper. Original edition. Fourth book published by Michaux, relating his journey of almost two years in Peru and Ecuador, undertaken in 1927 with his friend the poet Alfredo Gangotena. "Considering himself before his departure as a coward, Michaux will find in this long journey with multiple hazards (jaundice, jungle, spiders, ether, etc.) the proof that he is not a failure and the truth of his profession as a writer" (cat. expo, infra). Edition at 756 copies; single edition at 100 copies + 9 h.c. in large paper reimposed in 4° tellière on Lafuma-Navarre laid paper, one of the 100 nominatives intended for NRF bibliophiles (n° LXXIII). Ref. Imbert 5. Prov. Vanderborght (ex. nominative). Very probably Paul Vanderborght who probably crossed the road of Michaux at the time of the "Green Disc" and "The Deaf Lantern". Magnificent and impeccable binding by Liliane Gérard (° 1946), in which her delicate art and sensitivity are fully expressed. Gérard was Micheline de Bellefroid's assistant from 1978 to 1980 and then succeeded her as bookbinding teacher at La Cambre from 1980 to 1987. Expo Liliane Gérard [...]. Brussels, Wittockiana Bible, 1988, p. 25, no. 58. - Belgica nostra. Exhibition organised on the occasion of the centenary of the SRBIB 1910-2010. Brussels, KBR, 2010, p. 274, no. 151, with. reprod. (including folder and case).