Lot 321

PAULHAN, Jean History of the hermit and the king's daughter. Letter from Jean Paulhan to Georges Braque. Montpellier] (Fata morgana December 31, 1974) Minuscule edition in-16 (8.5 x 10.5 cm). Bradel handmade paper signed M[onique] M[athieu] 1986, beige-grey paper plates marked with marbled waves mosaic of small inclusions of paper of the same tone marked with vertical striations or blue stenciled paper, guards of the same beige-grey paper, cons. cover. Under shirt with large flap lined with white felt, smooth back with brown box titled label. Rare original edition out of trade, reserved "to the friends of fata morgana". Edition of only 19 copies : 1 Auvergne, 3 japanese, 15 Arches and "qqs ex. test on various papers" (ex. "h.c." on Arches). Ref [Bibliogr. Fata morgana]. Montpellier, Fata morgana, 1980, n° 78 (in the editions published in 1975). Expo Parures pour Fata morgana. Exhibition organized by the Belgian Section of the Friends of Art Bookbinding. Catalogue written by Marianne Delvaulx-Diercxsens and Pierre Mouriau de Meulenacker. Pref. by Bruno Roy [...]. Brussels, Bibliotheca Wittockiana, 1987, p. 47, n° 98, ill. p. 47 (catalogue attached). - Bindings by Monique Mathieu. Preface by Fr. Chapon. Brux, Bibliotheca Wittockiana, 1993, n° 40.