Lot 330

RODENBACH, Georges Villes mortes. Antwerp Buschmann March 1897] Minuscule edition in-16 oblong (10 x 12 cm): [6]-[2 bl.] pp. Br., grey printed cover, under folder with flaps signed A[lex] Masui, blue-grey half-box with stripes and dark grey Canson paper set with a silver oeser net, spine titled the same, back and flaps of the same paper. In a dark grey Canson case. Original edition out of trade of 4 poems taken again with variants in "Le miroir du ciel natal" (1898). The print run, not justified, would be 50 copies of laid proofs sent to the magazine "Spectateur catholique", unpublished but printed by Buschmann. Very rare. Ref. "Literary library of an amateur". [Editorial P. de Sadeleer]. Public sale. Brussels, Simonson, 28-5-1988, no. 71 (complete study of the edition). - Grisay p. 85. Jean Jacobs Prov. (ex-libris). Expo Le livre & l'estampe, Cinquante printemps. Brussels, KBR, 2004, p. 129, No. 138.