Lot 341

SAINT-JOHN PERSE Chronicle. (Marseille Cahiers du Sud 23 October 1959) In-8°: 58-[5] pp. (rouss. on the last 2 ff.). Bradel grey ostrich skin signed Françoise Bausart, smooth spine titled in silver, black speckled paper endpapers, cons. cover (brocaded cover on light grey laid paper, browned at the edges and with tearing fart. repaired on the lower cover). In a similarly edged slipcase, grey paper covers with sand paper strip, both black speckled. Rare edition printed separately, with its own pagination, of n° 352 of the "Cahiers du Sud". The poem occupies pp. 7-19 (i.e. pp. 329-343 in the journal's edition); the second part, entitled "Saint-John Perse homme de vigie", is illustrated with the repod. of a photo showing him at home, facing the sea, and contains three studies on the poet by Pierre Guerre, André Rousseaux and Luc-André Marcel. Edition of 100 copies on pure Lafuma thread (n° 76, signed by the poet). Gallimard will publish on Sept. 1, 1960 a deluxe edition gr. in-4°. Copy corrected by hand by SJP, in the margins; that is to say about thirty errors in particular of punctuation (p. 11, l. 18 : "défection" to be replaced by "défaillance",- p. 12, l. 21-22 : "sans nom ni face sous leur cape roulée et leur longue" to be replaced by "sans nom ni face, en longue",- etc.). Autogr. signed Alexis de St Leger Leger, "For Marcos & Carmen Victoria/ 1960"; enriched with an original photo of the author, sitting at a table at a gala, signed "For Carmen & Marcos who are now my human family. 1960. St-J-P-". Argentinian man of letters, Marcos Victoria contributed with his article "La musique dans la Nuit..." to "Honneur à Saint-John Perse" in this tribute album (Paris, Gallimard, 1965, pp. 280-285). Ref. http://www.sjperse.org/chronique.html. - Not reported in Pléiade, Oeuvres (bibliogr.).