Lot 354

SAINT-JOHN PERSE Drought. [Paris Nouvelle revue française]. Reprinted June 1974 In-8° : 9-[1] pp. Soft black box [by Clara Gevaert], top plate decorated with a light brown sea snake strip in gutter, black velvet skin linings, black end guards, light brown end flyleaves, cons. cover. (fold at the top corner of the top plate). Hard cardboard box-case covered with black paper, lined with black velvet skin, with thin strip of light brown paper. Under case with rectangular grip cut-out, black japan and brown paper backing. Rare separate edition (sometimes presented as the original) of "La Nouvelle Revue française", June 1974, n° 258 (attached, see below). Published one year before the poet's death, "Sécheresse" is the poem of reconciliation with the Mediterranean countries. Autograph signed "To Dr. Jean Bernard for all that I love and admire in him of elevation of spirit and human elegance. In deep attachment. St-John Persia. "Les Vigneaux" - Presqu'Ile de Giens - Summer 1974". A brilliant haematologist and oncologist, Dr Jean Bernard (Paris 1907-2006) was the first president of the National Consultative Ethics Committee. He was also a poet and was elected to the French Academy in 1975. Beautiful case with a destructured design by Clara Gevaert, graduated from La Cambre in 2005, regular collaborator with Belgian or foreign artists and publishers in the field of contemporary art, assistant, lecturer then professor in 2018 of the workshop "Design of the book and paper" at ENSAV La Cambre. Joint, same title: 1. La Nouvelle Revue française, June 1974, No. 258, June 1974. Contains the preoriginal of the text : 2. Mazamet], Babel éditeur/ Les Éditions perpétuelles, (January) 1997. In-12. Br., "cousu à la main". Original edition printed in 700 copies on the banks of Arjo Wiggins, one of the 24 head numbers in Roman numerals (no. xxii). In 1975, this poem was included in "Chant pour un équinoxe", in 1982 in the reprint of the Pléiade and in 1992 in the pocket edition of "Vents". (3 works)