Lot 356

SAINT-JOHN PERSE Autograph letter "to you who you called the Friend", signed "Alexis S.L.L.". S.l. "Thursday evening", s.d 3 pp. pet. in-8°, with sqs. erasures and repentance (pet. tears in the folds). Letter of friendship break-up (unidentified correspondent): "[...] I do not know under which mysterious star was born this friendship that I lost. Destiny, of which you speak, can therefore ruin an affection by precipitating it. ...I didn't explain it to you, and I couldn't do it either. But it doesn't matter against me. I know you with a haughty enough heart and an independent enough soul to make it easy for you to keep a partial memory of a friend whose heart was worth less than a bad ragtime. Our barbaric and goitreous gods have painted absurd moors on that heart: they are not even beautiful, as on this black cloth that I will have seen you, for the last time, wearing. Respectfully to you who called yourself the Friend". Seal: 1 receipt of tire and 1 approx. (not corresponding to the format of the letter above) addressed by SJP to Mrs [Irène] Hillel-Erlenger (1878-1920), related to the Camondo family, poetess under the pseudonym Claude Lorrey, friend of Larbaud, Van Dongen, Valéry, Saint-John Perse, etc., who opened her salon to the poets of the review "Littérature". She is said to have inspired the "Con d'Irène" of Aragon -- 4 modern postcards: reprod. of a sentence from SJP and 3 portraits. (6 pcs)