Lot 358

SAINT-JOHN PERSE 6 works of the collection "Brimborions", from or about Saint-John Perse. Liège Dynamo, Pierre Aelberts d. div In-12. Bradels demi-chagrin brun, ocre, orange ou rouge signed M[arianne] Diercxsens, plates of marbled hand-crafted pap. matching the leathers (the last one with Kromekote paper plates), smooth spines titled in gold, cover and spine cons. In paper cases matching the leathers. Nos. 1 and 4 are brocaded). Original editions. Prints of 51 copies, one of the 40 on white vellum (except the 4th work). 1. Ghelderode, M. de - To the inaccessible friend Saint-John Perse. (Brimborions n° 44bis, May 31, 1957). On the occasion of the publication of "Amers" and for the poet's 70th birthday -- 2. Hoppenot, H. - From Alexis Léger to Saint-John Perse. (Brimborions 73, Nov. 30, 1960) 3. Mazars, P. - A day with Saint John Perse. (Brimborions 76, April 5, 1961). Interview with Mazars the day after he was awarded the Nobel Prize. 4. Pieyre de Mandiargues, A. - Saint-John Perse. To the honor of the flesh. (Brimborions 108, February 27, 1963). 1/11 of head on ancient holland (n° 6) -- 5. Saint-John Perse - Letter on Jacques Rivière. (Brimborions 111, June 7, 1963) 6. Saint-John Perse - Silence for Claudel. (Brimborions 116, Sept. 14, 1963). Joint, in original French: [Saint-John Perse] - Poem for Valéry Larbaud. Liège, À la Lampe d'Aladdin [Pierre Aelberts], (February 1966). In-16 oblong. Br. Edition of only 36 copies, 1/30 on white vellum (no. 33). From the collection of the "Bahut des Aromates" -- Larbaud, V. - Saintléger Léger. Liège, id. (March 1934). In-16. Br. Same edition (n° 23). (8 works)