Lot 391

WILLEMS, Paul 2 autograph manuscripts and a facsimile. Under three folders. In a slipcase, 32.5 x 23 cm, half almond green cloth, dishes entirely covered with wallpaper simulating large scales alternately blue, green or pink, green leather etiq. titled with blue or pink oeser, inner box housing the facsimile. The bulk of the literary archives of Paul Willems (1912-1997, son of the author Marie Gevers, 1883-1975) were entrusted in 2001 by Elza Willems to the Archives and Museum of Literature. The Marie Gevers collection, built up by her son and conditionally bequeathed to KBR by the author in 1975, also joined the AML in 2001. 1 Shirt entitled "Paul Willems. Water Spheres". Contains the eponymous manuscript, 5 pp. on 5 ff., in-4°, signed and dated "Missembourg 1967". A draft or version (qqs erasures) of a text published in a purified version in "Le vase de Delft", 1995. If the background of the story remains the same, the style has been clearly improved, with some deletions and modifications. Attached, in the same folder: "The Water Thief". Manuscript. 1 p. on 1 f., in-4°. Inc: "They call me Father Loo", exc: "I will never forget". The AML has another version of this work which seems to have remained unfinished. 2. Shirt titled "Paul Willems. The Marie Gevers fonds and its extensions (communication at the monthly meeting of 4 November 1989)". Contains the manuscript "Le fonds Marie Gevers", 24 pp. with 5 bis out of 25 ff., in-4°, signed and dated "16 October 1976 [crossed out] 4 November 1989". In 1975 Paul Willems succeeded his mother in chair 17 of the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium. Draft of 1st draft, abundantly crossed out, with passages rewritten, modified, crossed out, in the text or in marginal bubbles, overglued with strips, etc. Moving testimony in which the author's deep love for his mother, his visceral attachment to the Missembourg estate and his fears about its durability are felt: "All contemporary life tends to distance, to eliminate the lifestyle that has existed in Missembourg since 1868 [...] It was an essay on the civilization of the book, the garden and poetry". Attached, in the same shirt: [Same title]. Taken separately from the Bulletin of the Royal Academy of Language and Literature", volume LXII, n. 3-4, pp. 257-269. In-8°. Br. Dedication aut. s. to Marianne Delvaulx. - Mrs. Marie Gevers. The peasant girl at the Academy. Photocopy of an unsigned article published in "Pourquoi Pas ?", n. 1281, 17/2/1939. 3. Facsimile. Blind houses. Missembourg, 25 December 1987. In ff., undercover, titled in facsimile. Edition at 55 copies for the author's friends (n. 41). Dedication aut. s. to Marianne Delvaulx, dated "Missembourg 22 September 1989". New published in "Textyles", n. 5, November 1988, pp. 165-169.