Lot 393

WILLEMS, Paul "Copy of the twelve verses and a poem, for the twelve [crossed out] thirteen months of the year. Signed autograph manuscript. Missembourg 9 July 1990 12.5 x 15.5 cm: 16 pp. on 16 ff. Bradel dark blue paper signed C. Gevaert, top cover decorated with 2 thin bands of royal blue paper, one of them extending horizontally on the back and the bottom cover, mute back, gold yellow japanese counterplate. Under cardboard cigar case covered with royal blue paper with thin yellow stripes on the edges, spine titled yellow lengthwise. Beautiful e.g. Careful copy on strong yardage under cover titled chamois yardage, specially made for Marianne Delvaulx, dedicated: To Anne-Marie [sic],/ these poems that I would have liked/ winged like kites.// Paul/ Papers chosen by Jacques Ferrand// Missembourg, July 9, 1990". The author's only work in poetry, "rare and precious" (Bosquet de Thoran), Paul Willems (1912-1997) having essentially distinguished himself as a playwright. This small work was published in 1953 by Claire and Pierre Janlet for the pleasure of their friends. Charming manuscript well highlighted by the refined binding by Belgian Clara Gevaert, a graduate of the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre, bookbinding section, where she currently teaches. Ref. reception of Alain Bosquet de Thoran. Public session of 5 June 1999. Speech by Alain Bosquet de Thoran [online], Brussels, Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium, 1999.