Lot 463

MAINDRON, Ernest Les affiches illustrées (1886-1895). Book decorated with 64 colour lithographs and one hundred and two reproductions in black and colour. Based on the original posters of the best artists. Paris G. Boudet, Ch. Tallandier 1896 In-4° : [6]-ii-251-[4] pp.; 64 h.-t. Bradel mustard cloth, smooth back, cons. cover. Original edition of this work, including a large panel of French posters (art, tourism, sport, industry, commerce or politics) by Boutet de Monvel, Georges de Feure, Eugène Grasset, H.-.Gabriel Ibels, Alfons Mucha, Georges Meunier, Steinlen, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Adolphe Willette, etc., but above all Jules Chéret, considered as the father of the modern poster and to whom a study and a detailed catalogue of the "mural work" (i.e. posters) is devolved in fine. Cover illustrated by Chéret and abundant black or colour illustrations: 64 off-text printed on strong leg. paper (the tables of illustrations count 72 off-text and 94 in-text, but 8 full colour pages were counted with the 64 off-text). Maindron's second study on posters, the first one dating from 1886, this book is to be usefully completed with his study on illustrated foreign posters. Edition at 1025 copies, e.g. of the current edition on wove paper (no. 30). Enriched with 4 plates: 1 pl. by Chéret "Pastel" extracted from "L'art décoratif" (p. 8) and 3 pl. of advertising posters for the Vercasson establishments (p. 113).