Lot 483

± 20 works relating to Charles-Joseph de Ligne (writings, life...) and Beloeil, several with dispatch. Prince Ch.-J. de Ligne : 7 works, in 10 volumes, from the collection "L'âge des Lumières" (Paris, Champion), directed by R. Trousson, most of them in critical edition presented by Jeroom Vercruysse or by him, several with dispatch to M.D. in thanks for the proofreading of the proofs : 1. Bibliography of writings relating to Prince de Ligne, new edition 2006. 2. descriptive bibliography of the writings of the Prince de Ligne. 2008. Line : Fragments of the story of my life. 2 vols. 2000-2001 (t. I in 2 ex.) -- 4. works of fiction [...]. 2000, 2005, 2 vol. Sent by Manuel Couvreur -- 5. A look at Beloeil. [...]. With the assistance of Marianne Delvaulx and Pierre Mouriau de Meulenacker. 2004. Mes écarts or Ma tête en liberté and other thoughts and reflections. 2007. Envoi.-- 7. Napoleon France-Austria 1797-1814. Miscellaneous : 8. De Backer, H. - Bibliography of the works of P. de L. Brux, 1930 (photocopy of an ex. corrected and enlarged; ex dono de Vercruysse à M.D.) -- 9. Mouriau de Meulenacker, P. - Catalogue of works around the work of Prince Ch.J. de Ligne. Brux. et Beloeil, 1992-1996, 3 vol. in-4° rexine bleue.-- 10-12. 3 folders (folders and half cloth case, bound by M. Delvaulx) containing a set of brochures, booklets, photocopies... on the P. de L. or his works. Beloeil: 13. Van der Vekene, Em. - Six centuries of historical and artistic bindings in Beloeil. Selection and description. Luxembourg, at the author's home, 2004. In-4°. Green cloth, gold titled on the top cover. Confidential edition of 12 ex.photocopies (n° 11) -- 14. Voisin, Aug. - Souvenirs de la bibl. des princes [...], 2nd ed. Ghent, 1839 -- 15. Basil, G. - Coup d'oeil at Beloeil and a great number of European gardens. Oxford, 1995. Sent to M.D.--16. The castle of Beloeil. Brussels, Crédit communal (Musea nostra), 1994 -- 17. Leuridant - Les portraits de Beloeil. Brussels, 1916.