Lot 493

DELVAULX-DIERCXSENS, Marianne; MOURIAU de MEULENACKER, Pierre Small bound formats. [...]. Brussels A.R.A. 1991 Pet. in-12. Binding by Father Edgard Claes OSC 20.10.1991, polycarbonate covers with crossed threads showing iridescent lozenges in green, blue and brown airbrushed, PVC spine in the same tones, dark blue-green Canson paper endpapers, double Canson mastic endpapers, cover and spine cons. Polycarbonate case decorated like the plates, silver metal zipper. Catalogue of the exhibition organised by the Belgian section of the Friends of Art Bookbinding (of which Marianne Delvaulx was then president) at the Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Brussels. Edition of 900 copies. (n° 849). Bookbinding by Edgard Claes, o.s.c. (orders of the Cruising Brothers, in Diest, Flemish Brabant, Belgium), with gilt stamp and date, accompanied by his signature, on a fine japanese leaf bound between the double guards of the lower cover. Born in 1954, Claes was trained by Auguste Kulche in Mechelen. His art is characterized by the extreme modernity of the materials used: painting for car bodies, engraving on Plexiglas with the help of machine programs, aerosol, use of liquid polyester... but also by a respect for the book which he protects by giving the back a curved plexiglass bend, to the jaw a metal rod . Ref. Edgard Claes, bindings. Paris, Blaizot, 1993, p. 5. - A. De Coster, "Reliures et reliures en Belgique" in Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Musea Nostra 38, Brussels, 1996, p. 110. - Edgard Claes, bookbinders. P., Blaizot; Brussels, Wittock Bible, 2004, No. 10 with reprod.