Lot 494

17 works on ancient bookbinding (exhibition catalogues, monographs, etc.); the first with consignments. Including : 1. Hobson, Anth; Culot, Paul - Italian and French 16th-century bookbindings; La reliure en Italie et France au XVIe s. Wittockiana Bible, 1990. In-4°. Bradel tissu fleuragé [by M. Diercxsens]. Envois aut. s. à M. Delvaulx by Michel Wittock (who thanks for his "precious bindings presented in this beautiful case [...]", d'Anth. Hobson ("[...] with gratitude for carrying this catalogue with her to Bamberg and back", and from Paul Culot ("[...] with admiration, oh! how justified, for the work already accomplished and which will continue to be accomplished justifying the relevance of the expression "the fame of the Belgian school of bookbinding" of which the master Vladimir Tchekéroul, his master, is the prophet").-- 2. Europäische Einband aus Sechs Jahrunderten [...] aus der Bibliothek Otto Schäfer. Six centuries of bookbinding in the Plantin-Moretus Museum. Stamps and gilding [Cat. expo]. Antwerp, 2005. Written by Cockx-Indestege and Storm van Leeuwen.4 Cockx-Indestege, E.; Storm van Leeuwen, J. - Boekbandstempels, systeem voor het ordenen van wrijfsels. Reprinted from Archives and Bibl. of Belgium, 1992 -- 5. Renaissance bookbinding workshops in Hungary, 1470-1520. Budapest, 1967. Bradel demi-chagrin brun [by M. Dierxcsens] -- 6. Bookbinding & other bibliophily. Essays in honour of Anthony Hobson. Verona, 1994 -- 7. mixtures of the history of bookbinding offered to Georges Colin. Brussels, Tulkens, 1998 -- 8. The bookbinder's history of bookbinding [Colin, G.] - Prescription and teaching of the discreet and famous science of bookbinder's manifacture [sic] by Anthelmus Faust. Brussels, Bible Wittockiana, Tulkens, 1987. Study of a ms. in Dutch on the art of bookbinding -- 9-10. Four centuries of bookbinding in Belgium 1500-1900. Brussels, Speeckaert, 1989, 1998, 2 vols. Königliche Bücher, Bucheinbände des Hauses Hohenzollern, 11. Great bindings from the Spanish Royal collections 15th-21st centuries. Mick, A.W. - Altes Buntpapier. Dortmund, 1979--14. Haldane, D. - Islamic Bookbindings. London, 1983. Etc.