Lot 495

11 books on bookbinding from the 19th and early 20th centuries. (exhibition catalogues, monographs, etc.); the 6th with shipment. Div. formats. Br. or bookbinding (good condition). 1. Dubois d'Enghien, H. - Bookbinding in Belgium in the XIXth c. Brux, 1954 -- 2. 19th and 20th c. bookbinding in Belgium. 3. bookbinders and decorated bindings in France during the Romantic period (103 workshops). Joseph Thouvenin, the birth of the historicist style in the art of bookbinding in the 19th century. Cat. expo]. Château de Chantilly, 2001 -- 5. Culot, P.; Rouger, D. - Louis Médard (1768-1841) et les reliieurs de son temps [Cat. expo]. Malaguzzi, Fr - Cento legature romantiche Piemontesi. Torino, 1998. Aut. in Italian, June 2003 -- 7. the binding of the École de Nancy [Cat. expo]. Brandstätter, Chr. - Buchumschläge des Jugendstils. Dortmund, Harenberg, 1981- 9. Tidcombe, M. - Women bookbinders 1880-1920. London, 1996--10. Broomhead, Fr - The Zaehnsdorfs (1842-1947), craft bookbinders. London, Private Libraries Assoc. 1986-11. Bologna, G. - Museo delle legature Weil Weiss alla Trivulziana. Italia, 1976.