Lot 496

± 50 works on contemporary French and Belgian bookbinding especially (mainly exhibition catalogues, monographs, etc.), qqs-one with sending to M.D. Format div. Br., ed. rel. or bound [probably by M. Diercxsens] (very good condition). Solo exhibitions: Monique Mathieu (1981 and BnF 2002), Georges Leroux (BnF 1990 and 1999), Hugo Peller (1990, consignment), Jean de Gonet (Guérin 1982), Paul Bonnet (2 bound volumes, photocopies), Edgard Claes (2004), P.L. Martin (1978), Michel Richard (1988), Karel Van West mémoires d'un reliur (S.l.d., en ff.), Tchékéroul (1993). Etc.-- Group exhibitions : organized by the BnF (1978, 1979, 1980), The Grolier Club of New York (1988), the Bibl. Trivulziana of Milan (1985), the Bibl. Forney in Sens (1984), the KB s'Gravenhage (1985, with 2 exhibited books bound by M.D.), Europeanpese boekbanden-Reliures européennes 1995 (with 1 exhibited book bound by M.D.), Encuadernando Madrid (1994), IV International Forum of Art Bookbinding (1994, bradel multicoloured canvas); Designer Bookbinders 1974; European Community Prize for Art Bookbinding (Ciboure 1991); Bindings and book objects (Mariemont, 2008); ARA-Italia, sesto forum. Venezia, 1999--Masters of the Art of Bookbinding. Canada, 1999. Bibliotheca Wittockiana & A.R.A. (cat. most often written by or with the participation of M. Delvaulx): Livres de Pierre Lecuire (1984 and 1998), Reliures de charme (1985), Reliures belges contemporaines (Liège et 's Gravenhage, A.R.A.,1986); ARA-Italia, sesto forum. 2 e.g. 1 head-to-toe bound with an e.g. from the Dutch edition; ochre half-bradel, wooden plates stained in pale green and bluish; dispatch from Jan Storm van Leeuw), Pierre-Lucien Martin (1987), Tendances actuelles de la reliure d'art dans le Benelux (1988), Jean de Gonet (1989), Anne Goy (1993), Petits formats reliés (ARA, 1991), Sweets for my sweets (Tienen & A.R.A., Monographs & miscellaneous: Szirmai, J.A. - Boek Band Kunst (1984), Lewis, R.H. - Fine bookbinding in the 20th Century (1984), Moeglin-Delcroix, A. - Artists' books. P., Herscher 1985. Etc.-- Bookbinding technique. Büge, S. - Der Pappband. (1981). Sent to M. Delvaulx -- Liekens, J. - La reliure, technique et rigueur. Dijon, Faton, 2010 -- Bosquet, Ém. - Theoretical and practical treatise on the art of bookbinding. P., Bailly, 1989. Etc.