Lot 554

Bacchus and Ariadne on the island of Naxos. France 1750-1780 Folded fan (H. 28 cm, opening 52 cm), paper leaf and watercolour decoration with gold highlights, gilded ornamented frieze on the border, 13 + 2 strands engraved mother-of-pearl mount, pierced, decorated with applied silver and gold and transparent mother-of-pearl, gilded metal belly (gold?) topped with a stone (diamond?), white paper ends visible on the reverse. Panaches ornamented like the mother-of-pearl frame with inclusion under glass (golden lictor beam placed on a red background). Reverse side with painted cartouche and gilded net at the edge (us. leg. at the folds and on the leaf and very fart. missing in the transparent mother-of-pearl background of a scene from the mount otherwise in very good condition). Modern case in red chagrin lined with ivory silk, 58 x 36 x 11 cm. Central scene depicting Bacchus holding Ariadne's hand, standing near her chariot harnessed by two cheetahs. Around them, drunken putti, drinking wine or eating grapes. In the left corner, Theseus' boat that brought Ariadne to Naxos. From the sky, a putto places a wreath of flowers on Ariadne sitting. Side cartridges with putti and goads. Background decorated with garlands and various flowers. Mounting decorated with 3 scenes (shepherds, putti...) in square cartouches. Reverse side decorated with a central square cartouche (putti and symbols of love) and floral garlands. Folding fan, paper, painted gilt scenes on the leaf (reverse: Ariane, Bacchus, drunk putti, putti eating grapes,etc.; reverse: putti and symbols of love), mother-of-pearl sticks engraved and pierced with silverish and goldish applications (3 scenes with transparent mother-of-pearl background), guard with glass inclusion. Except the leaf sl. worn and a small lack in a mother-of-pearl background, very good condition.