Lot 755

+/- 70 porcelain cards. Various places and publishers c. 1840-1868 Lithogr., polychrome or b/w, various formats: 27.3 x 21.2 cm to 5.7 x 9.2 cm (qs folded margins). Laminated with ep. on ff. of various colours (except 1 flying piece). In an album, 27,5 x 36 cm, dark blue half calf with corners, flat top cover and smooth spine titled "Album" (rubbed plates), blue tr. Good general condition. Mostly printed in Ghent by Jacqmain, Gyselinck, Defferez, Vande Steene, Van Brée, Hemelsoet, etc., with some printing in Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels or Verviers. Beautifully illustrated, for mainly Ghent businesses (pharmacy, hat shop, pastry shop, shoe shop, etc.), trades (plumber, upholsterer, locksmith, optician, hairdresser, chimney sweep, baker, coachbuilder "of his majesty the King of the Belgians"), hotels, etc. To be noted: a souvenir of the Aimé Paris course under the aegis of Pierre Galin and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a pc. for the "Petit Bazar" by Pauline Jaspin (+ 1 on paper, printed in gold on a royal blue background), a pc. for the painter F. Anseele, censored (!) in gold ink, a large and beautiful pc. "Au tigre royal" for the furrier Van Schoor, a pc. for the military printer and bookseller Sibron, 1 set of 20 identical "honour cards" in different colours from the Central Institute for Education and Training in Ghent, all for Raymond Herssens between 1864 and 1868, a large pc. for "Au Chinois", the Levionnois brothers' fixed price shop, 1 large obituary notice for Jacques-Joseph Baligand, 1842. The album also contains qsqs pcs on paper, 3 ff. of pêle-mêle-mêle (paper and porcelain cards, collages), 3 pcs on mica, 2 illustrated death notices dated 1843 and 1844 for former soldiers of Napoleon, with stamp "Frères d'armes de l'Empire français", 3 other death notices dated 1840, 1841, 1843 and an intriguing moralizing picture in Dutch on the theme "Hoor, Zie en Zwijg", with figurative alphabet.