Lot 762

Several hundred images. 19th-20th s Various techniques, enhanced, in colour or b/w, cut out, etc. Various formats, glued on +/- 135 ff. of coloured paper (pink, yellow, celestial blue...), 56 x 42 cm (qqs pieces damaged, scratched, qqs ff. torn and/or reinforced). In an album, 58 x 43 x 5 cm, half brown leather with canvas corners (rubbed, split jaws, etc.). Voluminous album made up between 1863 and c. 1930, having belonged to the Dutchman Henri Johan Christiaan Keuchenius, according to a ms. leaflet in Dutch "Plakboek behoorende aan [...] begonnen den 18 december 1863", and continued by other hands in the twentieth century. Pictures of all origins (Dutch, German, English, French...), mostly classically and artistically arranged on the front of the supports, with a large central picture and a multitude of smaller pcs. glued around it. But also with pcs glued on both sides or in a jumble, especially towards the end. This beautiful album is a fascinating sample of all the forms of images available over the decades: modest woodcuts, lithographs, b/w or enhanced, chromolith cut-outs. sold individually, engravings from photos, photographs, four-colour processings, etc. Classical themes: genre scenes, dramatic, children's, caricatures, birds, butterflies, animals, flowers, fruits, women, costumes, city views, greeting cards, micaceous qqs-unions, etc. With also many portraits of members of the nobility or reigning families, postcards (Christmas, etc.) and towards the end, advertisements for soaps (Pears, Palmolive...), cocoa or drinks (Cadbury, Van Houten, Lipton...) and fashion images cut out of magazines between 1897 and 1928.