Lot 765

Collection of furniture and objects of taste. Paris au bureau du Journal des Dames 1807-1831] In-folio: 85 etchings, 19 x 31 cm high or wide, wove 38 x 24.5 cm; unsigned; mounted on tabs (qqs min. piq. et rouss., qqs défauts marg.). Bradel half-cornered red cloth, 39 x 28 cm, leather etiq. on back (leg. rubbed). Dummy album of 85 engravings titled "Furniture and objects of taste", numbered, captioned and all nicely enhanced (n. 295-384, without n. 306, 325, 368 and 369). Pretty engravings depicting neo-classical and Empire furniture and various vehicles: resting beds, with crown, decorated with planters, chimera, in elm root, mahogany..., cross draperies, alcoves..., stools, armchairs, sofas, couches, barcelonette, loveseat..., pram, cabriolet, stagecoach, arrow carriage, carrick, travel sleeper, etc. The "Journal des Dames", of which P. de La Mésangère (1761-1831) was the master builder, appeared 2 to 3 times a week between 1797 and 1839 and published hundreds of fashion and decorative engravings. Prov. Vicomte Vilain XIIII (ex-libris armorié).