Lot 823

[GREENHOUSES, Marcel de] "Tertiary or epicretaceous land in the Hérault department". S.d Folio, 30 x 21.5 cm: 25 ff. (with erasures and corrections, some stains and fart. tears, burnished leg.). In folios. Unsigned preparatory notes of a study on the geological era of the Tertiary (extending from - 66 Ma to - 2.58 Ma) which contains: I. General observations. I. GENERAL OBSERVATIONS. Remarks on the formation of the Eocene (-56 to -33.9 Ma) and Miocene (-23 to -5.5 Ma) Eocene (-56 to -33.9 Ma) and Miocene (-23 to -5.5 Ma) terrains. III. Information on submerged tertiary terrains. IV. Research on Tertiary animals. Serres (1780-1862 ) is a French geologist and naturalist. He taught mineralogy, geology and paleontology at the Faculty of Sciences of Montpellier. He was the first, in 1853, to talk about human paleontology. Joint: 1 Same author, state and condition - Notes on the Tertiary Lands of the Mediterranean Basin in the Eocene Period. Unsigned, c. 1847. Folio: 16 ff., various sizes. Qqs notes taken in particular on a death notice dated 19 July 1847 and addressed to "Monsieur et Madame Marcel de Serre [sic] Montpellier". - 2. unidentified hand - Memoir on Moëllon Limestone or Upper Marine Limestone or Coarse Limestone, and on the relations that exist between the deposits of Middle Freshwater Formation and the last Eruptions of the Extinct Volcanoes of the South of France. By Marcel de Serres". n.d. Folio, 27.5 x 19.5 cm: 8 ff. (leg. burnished, some spots and passages underlined). (3 pcs.)