Lot 856

CONSTANT, Benjamin Letters to Madame Récamier 1807-1830. Published by the author of Madame Récamier's memoirs. Paris Calmann Lévy (printing E. Martinet) 1882 In-4° diary (witnesses preserved). Maroq. janséniste noir signed Canape and Corriez, back with nerves, green maroq. lining surrounded by a golden net, green moiré silk guards, gilt tr., cover and back cons. (past back). In case. Second edition containing 161 letters instead of 74 as the original of 1864. Ex. on holland. Ref. Vicar II:934. - Carteret I:180. Prov. ex-dono of Baroness Constant de Rebecque to her cousin Fred-Léon II Bollée, "the model of confidants and friends" (note ms. dated 1930).