Lot 891

GIDE, Andre The Counterfeiters. Roman. Paris Gallimard, Nouvelle Revue Française (November 28, 1925) In-12. Maroq. brun noisette signed G [eorges-Grégoire] Levitsky, spine with 4 ribs set with cold fillets prolonged on the plates and finished with a fart. Cold gilt ornament, fillets on the cups and filled, gilt head, cover and spine cons. (one fragile nerve, another leg. rubbed). In edged case. Original edition. Although the work is dated 1925 on the cover and the finished print dated 28th November, it was not put on sale until February 1926. One of the 1200 copies in in-8° crown reserved for the Friends of the Original Edition (no. 829). Ref. Naville, Bibliography of the writings of André Gide, P., 1949, n° 82, Prov. M.G. (ex-libris with miner's tools and motto "Travail et Tradition"). Joint, 4 works in-12 in original edition : 1. Malraux, André - Les conquérants. P., Grasset, (Sept. 10, 1928). Half red wedge-shaped grief signed G. Dubois d'Enghien, spine with nerves, cover and spine (damaged) cons. (back of the past rel.). Ex. num. on Alfa.-- 2. Vialar, Paul - Mr. Dupont is dead. Roman. P., Éditions de l'élan, (1949). Red half-marq. with corners signed Semet & Plumelle, spine with ribs and boxes set with fine cold fillets, cover and back cons. Unique edition of 125 copies (25 h.c.) on Lafuma rag, 1/100 signed by the author.-- 3. Van Tieghem, Ph.D. - History of French Literature. P., Fayard, (1949). Maroq. janséniste bleu nuit signed J.-P. Miguet, spine with nerves, lining of ochre moiré reps set with maroq. and a golden net, guards of the same reps, golden tr., cover and spine cons. Under shirt with flaps in half maroq. lined with beige lamb velvet. Under edged case. 1/80 on Lafuma wove paper (last pap., n° 69). 4. Des Cars, Guy - Of cape and feather. A true novel. P., Flammarion, (1965). 1/55 on Alfa wove paper (no. III, h.c.); sent autogr. s. to Armand Flammarion and his family. (5 vols.)