Lot 934

PÉRIER, Odilon-Jean Le citadin. Poem or Praise of Brussels. "Is in this city, 50, rue Defacqz at the author's house". (Bruxelles Louis Vogels impr.) 1924 Petit in-12 carré. Br., printed cover (faded part). Original edition printed at 125 ex. num. one of 120 on antique laid paper (n. 116). Dedicated aut.s. to Jules Delacre in which the poet copies some of his particularly well-adapted verses: "Without doubt there are many nobler countries / richer climates in which to live [...] But would I find elsewhere so many living friends / My homeland is where these delectable men are". A very rare small volume that marks the author's true beginnings in poetry; in fact, he describes his first 3 opuses as "chosen drafts". This collection contains 2 famous incipits: "I offer you a glass of iced water" and "I won't sing very high or very long". Ref M. Defrenne 1957, pp. 141 sq. - Grisay 1996, p. 81. Prov. Jules Delacre (1883-1954), Belgian poet and founder in Brussels in 1922 of the Théâtre du Marais, inspired by Jacques Copeau and Louis Jouvet (dedication).