Lot 947

SAND, George 3 Op. in first edition, in-12, bound in nice signed half marocco (the last ones identical). Paris d. div 1. Around the table. Paris, F. Dentu, 1862. Malachite green half-maroq. with corners signed Lavaux, spine ribbed, gilt t., green cons. cover. (dark back, qs russet.).-- 2. the confession of a young girl. P., Michel Lévy frères, 1865, 2 vols. Duck blue duck half-marq. with corners signed Stroobants, pap. plates marbled in the tone surrounded by a golden fillet, spine ribbed and boxes surrounded by golden fillets, orange cover and spine cons. (back of the dark relief). Prov. [Victor Mercier] (ex-libris with the motto "Librorum Flos Illibatus") -- 3. Mademoiselle Merquem. Id., id., 1868. Same rel. and prov. ref. Vicar VII:269, 273 and 276.