Lot 957

VAN OFFEL, Horace 4 books in original edition. Pet. in-8°. Uniformly bound in grey bradel cloth, leather etiq. on smooth spines (some slightly damaged), cover not cons. (sauf pour le1er vol.). Good set. 1. The blue tattoo. Paris, Albin Michel, [1917]. Dedicated to "D.J. Debouck". - 2. The spell of memories. Paris, Lemarget (impr. J. Vermaut à Courtrai, 1930). - 3. the corsair flute. Novel. Paris, Denoël and Steele, [1933]. Adventure novel for children, pleasantly and anonymously illustrated in n/bl in and out of text. Dedicated to "Pierre" with a small sketch. - Literary confessions. Brussels, Nouvelle Société d'éditions, (1938). Interesting literary and other memories, the author (1876-1944) having worked and published in Paris before returning to Brussels. A much appreciated writer, he was elected in 1936 to the Royal Academy of Language and Literature of Belgium, but was excluded in 1944 because of his collaboration in the "Soirée volé" during the war. All dedicated to Désiré-Joseph d'Orbaix (1889-1943), pseudonym of D.-J. Debouck, Belgian teacher, poet and storyteller, also journalist, founder of the magazine "La Bataille littéraire". The Archives and Museum of Literature preserve an important correspondence from Van Offel to d'Orbaix.