Lot 1011

ECKARD, Jean Mémoires historiques sur Louis XVII roi de France et de Navarre [...]; followed by historical fragments collected at the Temple by M. de Turgy [...] Dedicated and presented to [...] Madame, duchesse d'Angoulême [...]. Third edition. Paris H. Nicolle (de l'imprimerie de Lefebvre) 1818 In-8° : [4]-xv-[1]-496-[2] pp.; 4 h.-t. (i.e. 2 double portraits, qqs rouss. passim). Maroq. rouge à grains longs de l'ép. signé Thouvenin, plats cernés d'une jolie roul. Empire gilt with corner finials, spine with gilt dotted ribs surrounded by gilt fillets, caissons grotesquely decorated with tiny fleurs-de-lis with a Louis XVII numeral caisson, binder's signature and mention of ed. gilded on the back, purple moiré lining surrounded by gilded floral fillings, gilded endpapers, gilded trimming (leg. us. at the corners, cuts, bits, caps; edges of the endpapers leg. scratched if not in good condition). Augmented edition (orig.: Nicolle, 1817) of the "Relation du voyage de Varennes" by the Duchess of Angoulême, historical fragments collected at the Temple by M. de Turgy and notes and supporting documents. It is dedicated to Marie-Thérèse Charlotte of France, known as "Madame" (Versailles 1778-1851 Austria), the eldest daughter of the royal couple, "the orphan of the Temple", the only survivor of the Revolution whose conditions of captivity improved after the death of her little brother, the second dolphin Louis, future Louis XVII (she was exchanged for her exile in Austria by French prisoners in Austria). Ill. of a portrait of the young Louis (1785-1795) and his sister at the age of 19, engraved in etching by Hourdain (both portraits in double). Ex. adorned with the aut. signature of the author (1761-1839) certifying the edition. Nice binding, probably by Joseph Thouvenin dit l'Aîné, "one of the best bookbinders of the Restoration" (Fléty) who made at least two copies almost identical to ours, one with the arms of Charles-Philippe comte d'Artois, the other with those of the duchess of Angoulême.