Lot 1031

7 openings in 12 vol. rel. of the period (fart. defects and wears). 1 Reyre, Joseph - L'école des jeunes demoiselles, or Letters from a virtuous mother to her daughter, with the daughter's answers to her mother [...]. Lyon, Rusand, 1806. 2 vol. in-12. Basane. Illustrated with 1 frontispiece. - 2. Aviau du Bois de Sanzay, Charles-François d'] - Mélanie and Lucette, or The advantages of religious education [...]. Liège, Vve Duvivier et fils, 1827. 2 t. en 1 vol. in-12. Half calf. Prov. Rosaire Vivant (ex-libris). - 3 Le Bon génie, journal of youth [- Encyclopedic gymnasium dedicated to youth [...]]. Brussels, (J.-J. Vanderborght) [- Au bureau du Bon génie], 15/12/1828-23/06/1833. 4 vol. in-4° (sqs freckles, sqs wet.). Green half-calf. Four years of this weekly journal (525 issues, including prospectus). 4th year illustrated with 4 lithogr. h.-t. - Ligny, François de - Life of Jesus Christ [...]. Paris, Crapelet. 2 vol. in-4° (freckles). Maroq. green. Illustrated with 2 frontispieces, 73 plates and 1 unfolding map. - Norvins, Jacques Marquet de Montbreton de - Histoire de Napoléon [...]. Illustrated by Raffet. Paris, Furne, 1862. In-8°. Chagrin vert armorié. Illustrated with 1 frontispiece, 1 raised spread card, 26 pl. (1 enhanced), with headbands, culs-de-lampe and historiated lettering. Prov. Napoleon III (supra libros). - Stanley, Henry Morton - Five years in the Congo 1879-1884 [...]. Paris, M. Dreyfous, [1885]. In-8° (freckles). Polychrome cardboard illustrated with red percalin, red percalin, flag of the Independent State of the Congo on the top cover. (faded). Illustrated with 1 frontispiece, 1 portrait, text, full pp. and 3 unfold maps. (including one in fine). Prov. Gérard Duché (ex-libris). - 7 Shakespeare, William - The Merchant of Venice. Translated from the English by Georges Duval. Illustrations by Sir James D. Linton. Paris, Flammarion, [c. 1910]. In-4°. Illustrated with 1 frontispiece and 35 plates glued by the corners. Joint: 1. [Prunier de Saint André, Gabriel] - The Director of a young theologian or Rules of Study & Piety for those who are preparing to enter holy orders, & to exercise the functions of their ministry [...]. Paris, Fr. Babuty, 1723. In-12. Basane de l'ép. Prov. Henri des Courtils de Montbertoin (ex-libris). - Stamp on the title. - Fleury, Claude - Institution au droit ecclésiastique. New edition, revised & expanded [...] by M. Boucher d'Argis. Paris, Hérissant fils, 1771. 2 vols. in-12. Veal. Prov. Abbaye du Val-Dieu (ex-libris armorié). (15 vol.)