Lot 1252

Important issue of collaboration and resistance. 1941-1943 Several hundred documents, complete or incomplete, some probably in duplicate, handwritten, typed, mimeographed, photographed or photocopied, various formats and ranges (from tiny ms. paper to typed documents of several pages). Good general condition. To be filed. Interesting set of reports from the Resistance, mainly consisting of nominative lists of hundreds of "traitors", sometimes with very many details about their physical appearance, profession..., parents, spouses, children..., even the number of their number plates; the set also contains some passport photos, some of them identified on the back. The file mainly concerns the south of the country (regions of Liege, Namur, Verviers...), but also Brussels and to a lesser extent some cities in Flanders (Kessel-Lo, Roeselare, Wilsele, Tienen, Tongeren, Hasselt...) and testifies to a patient work of gathering information, on sometimes unexpected subjects. Undated lists, sometimes identified by codes, letters or numbers, qqs ff. bearing the mention "Service Zero" (name of a resistance network). Overall: several long lists in which men and women are defined as "traitor", "pro-German", "pro-German-Rex", "spy", "Gestapo", sometimes marked with a system of crosses identifying "very dangerous" (+), "very suspicious belonging to a special body" (++) or "members of the A.G.R.A.". (Friends of the Great German Reich)" (+++). One of these lists is accompanied by a patriotic text entitled "History and Origin of the Pillory"; it calls for the pillorying of traitors who have "deserved more than death, more than the pillory, they deserved torture. We shall, however, be content to give them death". - Rexist sections of Xhoris, Poulseur, Mons, Liège, Ath, Thuin, Charleroi, Soignies, Verviers, etc. (Antoine Leclercq being designated as "Chief of Rex Wallonia"). - Several lists around the S.T.O. or the Wallonia Legion: S.T.O. workers, sometimes with the name of the doctor in charge of medical examinations, people from the "Werbestelle" responsible for visits to factories and workshops to draw up lists of workers to be deported, staff of the Employment and Unemployment Office in Liège, "of pro-German and collaborationist opinions", people "who have freely entered into a work commitment in Germany", members of the Wallonia Legion and "Belgian prisoners who passed to the Wallonia Legion". - Numerous "blacklists", sometimes very detailed (addresses, professions, etc.).), with names possibly accompanied by details such as : "recruiting agent", - "works alternately in civilian clothes and as a German officer", - "presumed author of the arrests of hostages from Genval and Rixensart who were shot", - "delivered three English soldiers", - "denounced to the occupant a clandestine broadcasting station", - "Wears the rexist uniform", - "Wears the Walloon Guard uniform", - "Currently a legionnaire on the Russian front", - "Former member of the Walloon Guard, therefore a traitor to be liquidated", - "Jew, denounces and has the other Jews arrested"; these lists, which sometimes remain cautious ("would have", "would be") also mention establishments to be avoided, or persons "to be kept away" because of their "lightness, imprudence or suspicious relations". Qqs other lists: "Black Market Stars". - "Germans to recommend after the war" ("fiercely hates the Belgians", - "inhuman, as much as a man can be", - "anti-Nazi but more Kraut than the Krauts", - "terror of the Namur people". - "Belgian Gestapo Indicators", a long alphabetical list and "Official list of traitors [from Liège] who will receive their monthly Gestapo treatment". - Magistrates of Charleroi with evaluation of their patriotism. - Establishments (cafés) sympathetic to the Germans and lists of staff of various hotels welcoming the Germans. - Flemish SS in Ostend and surroundings. - Members of the "Mouvement National Populaire Wallon" or the A.G.R.A. - "VNV of the Ghent region having denounced patriots". - Staff of the Legia (Liège newspaper created by the Germans). - Owners of homing pigeons, with number of pigeons owned and sometimes a physical description of them. - Numerous documents concerning various individuals for various reasons (fire at the premises of "La Libre Belgique", "List of persons having bribed F. P. of the Gestapo [...] Liège for various interventions", release of patriotic leaflets immediately denounced...), sometimes with stapled photo. - "List of 20 young women in constant contact with the Germans, working in every possible way" in Brussels, etc. This file, obviously partial, is however a first-hand account of the methodical activities of the intelligence services of the Belgian Resistance during the Second World War. N.B. For the sake of discretion, no name has been cited except that of a notoriously reexisting person.