Lot 1253

A wooden box with 35 documents and 5 seals. 14th-18th c Various sizes, on vellum, mainly in Latin, a few in Dutch and in French (some with complete seals, others in fragment or missing). A collection of archives reporting on the daily life of inhabitants of the former Low Countries. - Leuven and its surroundings (Boutersem, Kortrijk-Dutsel ["Cortelke"] and Linden): 26 deeds of aldermen relating to donations, contracts, annuities, etc. (Boutersem, Kortrijk-Dutsel ["Cortelke"] and Linden). (14th-mid. 16th c.); 1 printed bachelor Degree "in the two rights" (utriusque iuris) delivered by the University of Leuven (3 October 1712), with its red pendent seal (8,5 x 6 cm) protected in a metal box. - Brussels: 2 documents of the Council of Brabant concerning the collector ("receveur") of the church Our Lady of the Chapel, signed in april 1688 by the Chancellor Jean-Baptiste Christyn (1630-1690). - Heppignies: 2 chirographs relating to the sale of lands and to the assignation of annuities (1538, 1564). - 3 acknowledgements of debt, in Dutch (1605, 1615, 1629). - 1 authorisation granted by Maria Theresa (1717-1780) to the spouse of the Baron of Kessel-Watermael, allowing her to make her will, but prohibiting any bequests of property to monasteries, cloisters and mortmains (1769). - 1 unidentified fragment in Dutch (15th-16th c.). - Seals: 2 red seals in a protective box of the University of Leuven (8 x 4,5 cm), with its ruban, and of Maria Theresa (12 cm) (sl. damaged); 3 casts of seals: the Antwerp town council (9 cm), St. Peter's Church in Leuven (7,5 cm) and the Leuven town council (9 cm); the last two made by the State Archives in Belgium and in their protective boxes. (40 pcs)