Lot 46

Florie Jones Napangardi
Acrylic on canvas - 60 x 30 cm
Yuendumu - Northern Territory - Central

Desert Provenance:
- Estate collection of Mrs K.
- Wurlukurlangu Artists

Florie has often painted with her sister Mary works in common. She most often painted stories associated with the site of Pikilyi - a permanent waterhole that is an important sacred site for many Warlpiris. This waterhole (Vaughan Springs) evokes the two guardians, two Rainbow Snakes, ancestral heroes who lived together as husband and wife in the Dreamtime. The Woman "Rainbow Snake" belonged to the Napanangka group of skins, the man was a Japangardi. It was a taboo relationship contrary to the Warlpiri tradition. The Women of the Napanangka and Napan-guard sub-section sat next to the two Snakes and dusted them. For this service, the two Snakes allowed the Women to draw water. This is because the Snakes were the 'kirda', or ceremonial owners of this country. The spirits of these two Rainbow Snakes are still in Pikilyi today. This dream belongs to the women and men of the Japanangka / Napanangka and Japangardi / Napangardi skin groups.