Lot 37

Jill Watson Nungurrayi (1965 - )
Acrylic on canvas - 61 x 61 cm
Yuendumu - Northern Territory - Central

Desert Provenance:
- Estate collection of Mrs K.
- Wurlukurlangu Artists

The "Janmarda" (Wild Onion) are small bulbs found in the soft soil on the banks of sand creeks. One of the main sites associated with this Dream is Purrupurru near Wakurlpa, north of Yuendumu. The guardians of this site and story are Napaljarri / Nungarrayi women and Japaljarri / Jungarrayi men. "In the Dreamtime the women were collecting and cooking "janmarda" when they saw an old Jungarrayi called Warungurla coming from the west. He was hiding in the bushes, watching the women and wanting to make love to them. He had a huge "ngirnti" (penis) that was as long as a pipe and it would penetrate the ground and get close to the women. They were afraid of him and tried to hide. When they saw his "ngirnti", they beat him with their "karlangu" (digging sticks), killing the old Jungarrayi, which can still be seen today in the form of a large stone figure in Purrupurru".