Lot 21

Angeline Tasman Nampitjinpa (1951 - )
Acrylic on canvas - 46 x 46 cm
Yuendumu - Northern Territory - Central

Desert Provenance :
- Estate collection of Mrs K.
- Wurlukurlangu Artists

The site associated with this Dream of Water is Pirlinyarnu (also called Mt Farewell), about 160 km West of Yuendumu.
Two Jangala Men, rainmakers, sang the rain, causing a terrible thunderstorm to pass through the area. Lightning was falling regularly. Lightning was falling regularly. This storm met another storm from Wapurtali and they were carried by a Brown Falcon further west where they created a major water point. At Puyurru, this Falcon found a Rainbow Snake and the Snake carried the water with it to create a lake at Jillyinmpa. The rights on this theme belong to the Nangala and Nampitjinpa women and the Jangala and Jampijinpa men.