Lot 31

Norissa Watson Nungurrayi
Acrylic on canvas - 61 x 45 cm
Yuendumu - Northern Territory - Central

Desert Provenance:
- Estate collection of Mrs K.
- Wurlukurlangu Artists

The theme of this painting is most probably the waterhole of Puyurru, located west of Yuendumu. In the generally dry stream beds are "mulju" natural wells accessible by digging a few centimetres or sometimes much more. The "kirda" (owners) of this site are Nangala / Nampijinpa women and Jangala / Jampijinpa men. Two Jangala men, rainmakers, sang the rain, triggering a giant storm. This Dream crosses that of the Flying Ant (Termite), that of the Gecko, that of the "kurdukurdu mangkurdu Jukurrpa" and finally that of the Falcon and that of the Serpent. It is thus connected to many other sites.