Lot 1066

A group of forty bronze medals, comprising sixteen from James Mudie's cased series of British Military and Naval Victories (E 1136), the remaining places in the case taken by duplicates from this series and by other similar medals, vis.: From the series: 1) George III Dedication 1817 (E 1102), 3) Naval Victory of the First of June 1794 (E 856), 8) Arrival of the English Army in Egypt 1801 (E 929), 11) Royal Military College - Presentation of Colours 1813 (E 1035), another example of the last, 15) Passage of the Duoro 1809 (E 997), 17) English Army on the Tagus (E 1016), 20) Battle of Almarez 1812 (E 1024), 23) Battle of the Pyranees 1813 (E 1034), 25) Surrender of Pamplona 1813 (E 1037), another example of the last, 26) Battle of Toulouse 1814 (E 1042), 27) Peace in Europe 1814 (E 1046), 28) England Gives Peace to the World 1814 (E 1047), 29) Treaties of Paris 1814 and 1815 (E 1080), another example of the last, 34) Charge of the British at Waterloo 1815 (E 1069), another example of the last, 36) English Army Enters Paris 1815 (E 1077), 39) Bombardment of Algiers 1816 (E 1094), all at least extremely fine or nearly so, some better; other medals: Charles I Death and Memorial 1649, by Dassier, struck in 1731 (E 164); Charles II, Memorial, by Dassier, struck in 1731 (E 211); George III, Coronation 1761, bust left, rev. Queen Charlotte (E 692); David Garrick 1772, by L. Pingo (E 746); Battle of the Nile 1798, bust of Nelson almost facing, rev. naval engagement ALMIGHTY GOD HAS BLESSED HIS MAJESTY'S ARMS (E 893); Capture of Seringapatam 1799, head of Wellesley left, rev. a British soldier attacks an Indian while another holds a standard, by J. Mudie but not originally included in the main set of Victories (E 904); Earl Spencer, First Lord of the Admiralty 1799 (E 913); George III Preserved from Assassination 1800, an angel in flight carrying a cameo of the king and warding off an arrow with a shield, rev. crown within a wreath; Prosperity of the United Kingdoms 1801; British Victories in India 1818, head of the Marquis of Hastings left, rev. Victory rides in a biga drawn by winged lions, PINDAREE & MAHRATTA CONFEDERACY DEFEATED 1818 (E 1108); George IV, Coronation and Visit to Hanover 1821 (E 1147); Victoria, Grand Review of Volunteer Riflemen, Hyde Park, 1860, all at least extremely fine, some better; Napoleon Bonaparte, eight medals commemorating major events in his career, extremely fine or better. [40]; in original fitted book-shaped case, lacking catalogue, case poor with cover detached.