Lot 1086

William McMillan R.A.: a small group of medals associated with the artist and sculptor famous for designing both the British War Medal 1914-20 and the British version of the Allied Victory Medal (the 'Great War Pair'): The Royal Society of British Sculptors Award for Sculpture to William McMillan A.R.A. 1925, silver, 52 mm, reclining classical warrior with figure on his upturned palm, rev. burning pyre raised on a tripod, engraved tablet below (W. MCMILLAN. ARA 1925) (E 2057), good very fine or better; three uniface bronze medals by McMillan: i) 'THE PLUMBER TELLS ME HIS JOB IS BRAINWORK AND I AM A PARASITE/ PERHAPS HE IS RIGHT', the sculptor at work, a plumber remonstrating with him through a window, 83 mm; ii) 'THE SEARCH FOR SIGNIFICANT FORM?', the sculptor in contemplation of the female form, 86 mm; iii) 'NARCISSUS', Echo weeps over a reclining Narcissus, 80 mm; another uniface bronze medal apparently by the same hand, Society of British Sculptors, Foundation 1904, male nude with a figure in his hand; two uniface portrait medals by McMillan: i) Moreton Thorpe Knight of Oxied Surrey 1920, ii) John and Margaret Oxley Xmas 1926 (conjoined busts, inscribed 'To P Oxley from W. McMillan RA') , and three plaster models, including one for McMillan's 'THE PLUMBER TELLS ME..' medal described above. [10]